About Us

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AUCTION SPECIALIST cc is one of South Africa’s most innovative and successful auction companies.

The company has expertise in property auctions, the valuation of movable and immovable assets, as well as in live and online auctions (we have registered valuers and sworn appraisers). This expertise has helped the company achieve its primary aim — to leverage its collective 20 year asset disposal experience to help fulfil both client and public auction needs.


Our combined twenty years experience in the asset disposal sector has created a niche for us to source assets on behalf of our clients e.g. Industrial and commercial properties, heavy plant and machinery, vehicles etc.


Our unique advertising on community radio stations has given us a competitive edge in the market place.


Honesty, Integrity and Excellence!


Auction Specialist tries to provide the highest quality of service and prompt completion of deliverables. We also strive to make a meaningful contribution by building the capacity of aspiring young black professionals to effectively participate in the auction industry.



Auction Specialist is a predominantly black (indigenous African)-owned close corporation, and was established in 2010 to develop efficient and professional disposal methods of property and movable assets. The founder, Sbu Sihlophe, brings in 17 years of experience in industrial and commercial properties, following an identified need to cultivate young black professionals who would service the needs of varying property markets in the future. Our senior staff boast more than 30 years of experience in the field of property valuation and sales. This experience is used to enable future leaders drawn from previously marginalized sectors of our society. In this regard, our candidate valuers and property agents work closely with senior staff members on different assignments and deals. Our challenge is to continuously achieve a balance between providing services of a high standard to our clients, while contributing to addressing the imperatives of skills and expertise shortages in our country.

Auction Specialist’s area of operation is country wide; work in other parts of the country has been successfully carried out through our network offices. We do sales and leases of industrial and commercial properties, as well as valuation and appraisal of both movable and immovable properties. Our client base includes, among others, government institutions, parastatals, financial institutions, private individuals, etc.


Our services are offered through the following divisions:

Property Auctioneering Division

The property auctioneering division receives, on a regular basis, calls from individuals and financial institutions requesting valuations on properties they intend to sell. Once valuations are done and a marketing strategy is accepted by the client, the property is advertised for auction.

Valuations and Appraisals Division

The appraisal division gets instructions from attorneys, liquidators and executors to value properties for various reasons. These reasons include, among others, valuation for liquidations, insolvent estates, deceased estates, capital gains tax, and the settlement of divorce matters. Auction Specialist’s valuers and appraisers are qualified and recognized by the High Court of South Africa, the Receiver of Revenue and Commissions of enquiry.

Valuation Division

Auction Specialist takes valuation instructions from various auctioneering firms and independent attorneys. Some of the properties we have valuated include those seized by the asset forfeiture unit, properties involved in liquidations, divorce matters as well as dissolution of partnerships.


Our staff comprises of a highly competent and experienced group of property practitioners, valuers / appraisers, as well as candidate property practitioners and valuers. Some of our senior staff members are recognized leaders in their respective fields.

MR SBU SIHLOPHE is the Chief Executive Officer of Auction Specialist cc. A qualified auctioneer, estate agent and appointed appraiser to the high court of South Africa, he boasts more than 14 years of experience in both property practice and appraisal. He has worked closely with some of the renowned appraisers and auctioneers in the country. Sbu leads the valuation and special projects division of Auction Specialist. He also provides strategic guidance to other divisions of the corporation.

MR ERIC CHANDONY is an experienced valuer with more than 30 years of experience in the field of property valuation and in the sale and lease of both industrial and commercial properties. He is one of the valuers that we often refer our valuation projects to and is recognized as one of the top valuers in the region. He is a fully registered and recognized valuer by the South African Council of valuers.

There are six more individuals who are currently employed by the corporation. Four of these individuals are junior professionals and the other three are members of support staff.


Our team consists of 5 males, 3 of which are African, and 2 are white. We are proud to say we also have a female member in the team, who is African.

Depending on the amount of work available, certain assignments are carried out in collaboration with our associates.



  1. Ex Sasol Fibres Plant – Durban Airport. Value: R78 million
  2. Lagoon Drive Holiday Apartment Complex – Umhlanga Rocks. Value: R62 million
  3. Leisure and Recreation Centre – Stanger. Value: R22 million
  4. Pallet Manufacturing Plant – Stanger. Value: R13 million
  5. King Shaka Road Shopping Centre – Stanger. Value: R16 million
  6. 22-Unit Residential Apartment Block – Morning Side, Durban. Value: R6.2 million
  7. Munstern Trading Post – Munster. Value: R14 million
  8. Commercial Buildings – Grey Street, Durban. Value: R15 million
  9. Leisure Centre and Petrol Station – Chatsworth, Durban. Value: R9 million
  10. Retail Outlet – Phoenix, Durban. Value: R26 million

Sworn Appraisals Conducted Over The Last Three Months

  1. Appraisal of deceased estate for an Old Mutual Trust. Value: R3 600 000
  2. Appraisal of deceased estate for a First National Trust. Value: R800 000

Fleet Auctions

  1. Auction for the Ekurhuleni Municipality. Sold for R14 850 000.
  2. Auction for the Ekurhuleni Municipality. Sold for R5 000 000
  3. Auction for Foskor. Sold for R1 200 000
  4. Auction of Esseline court for First Metro Housing. Sold for R850 000
  5. Auction of Consumer Credit BLD for Krij Management Services. Sold for R800 000